Grays AC5 Dynabow In Black - Field Hockey Stick In 37.5"


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AC5 Dynabow
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Aerospace-grade foam
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Field Hockey
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This is Aerocore. This is Gray's most advanced hockey stick to date. As part of Grays' new Aerocore collection, every element of the stick has been evaluated & optimized to provide the best performing sticks in the company's history. Aerospace-grade foam is used in the core of the cushion, which provides an exceptional level of comfort and complete control over weight distribution. In order to meet the ever-changing demands of players throughout the game, Grays continues to offer new head shapes and blade profiles. The AC collection offers players the perfect blend of striking design and elite performance.

HEEL PROTECTION: CHP | Carbon Heel Protection: mid-level heel protection featuring carbon and aramid.

PLAYING FACE: IFA | Improved Feel Area: a special combination of shock-absorbing aramid and fibreglass softens the first touch of the ball, while a textured surface helps grip the ball.

BACKHAND ZONE: CEP | Carbon Edge Protection: mid-level edge protection featuring carbon and aramid.

HANDLE: PDH | Pro Dampening Handle: a lightweight, high performance foam surrounds the handle to efficiently dissipate shockwaves.

CARBON TECHNOLOGY: TWILL | Mid-Level Reinforcement: high-modulus carbon is woven to create an interlinking structure, which reinforces the structural integrity of the stick, and increases power transfer.

AC 5 Dynabow Features:

  • The control and speed characteristics of Aerocore combined with a more flexible composition to give better feel

  • Dynabow blade profile is ideal for stick handling

  • Micro head shape for improved 3D skill execution

    SIZE: 37.5"

Hockey Stick Rating: 

POWER +++++++++++++++  CONTROL  +++++++++++++++  SPEED  +++++++++++++++


Which stick is right for me?

Whatever your style, whatever your game, there is a Grays Hockey stick for you. Our new AC sticks are designed for fast-paced, 3D styles of play with excellent pickup. Our GR sticks with a more traditional composition offer great all-round performance. New to the sport? Then our GX sticks are ideal for learning the core skills of the game such as passing and control. We know it can be tricky to pick a stick. What shape, composition or price point? That's why we've created this handy page to help you make the right choice for 2022.

Why Grays Hockey?

With over a 100 year's worth of experience, Grays led the way in composite stick technology with the iconic GX range, and continue to do so with the latest AC and GR ranges. We have a range of shapes to meet the needs of every kind of player from traditional to modern. A popular choice from grass roots to international hockey. You are guaranteed incredible performance and service from Grays Hockey.

Size Guide

The first step in selecting the perfect stick for you is to understand what size stick you require. Check out our size guide below.

Our Ranges


The most advanced hockey stick we have ever created. In the new Aerocore collection, every element of the stick has been evaluated & optimised to provide the best performing sticks in Grays? history.


Graphene is exceptionally strong and light, and has been precisely combined with the highly successful GX composition to forge the GR technology.


Iconic technology combining performance, durability and  playability. The precise material makeup has been carefully engineered to provide a stick which will suit players of all styles.

Stick Shapes

Low Bows

NEW Probow-S - designed for fast paced play specifically aiding 3D skills, drag flicking & aerials.  New Apex headshape offers greater reverse-trapping stability & lighter pickup for faster hand speed. Improved, LBZ (Low Backhand Zone) is more clearly defined than ever before, with a larger surface area stabilising contact between stick & ball - delivering a cleaner strike, more of the time.

Probow - engineered for 3D skills. Excellent for drag flicking whilst the straight rear profile allows consistent execution of reverse stick passes and shots.

Jumbow - traditional low bow blade profile designed for drag flicking and aerials. Designed for maximum power.

Medium Bows

NEW - Dynabow-S - offers exceptional handling & power for all-round performance. New Vertex headshape promotes better ball-carrying position & reinforced rear profile offers improved power when hitting. Improved LBZ (Low Backhand Zone) is more clearly defined than ever before, with a larger surface area stabilising contact between stick & ball delivering a cleaner strike, more of the time.

Dynabow - sweeping curve with slim mid-section and quick hand movements. Ideal for all round gameplay. Midbow - continuously contoured along the length of the blade. Rear power groove offers improved torsional stability and the enhanced LBZ provides greater consistency when reverse hitting.

Ultrabow - our straightest profile. The gradual bow is designed for learning and executing the core skills of the game.

See below a breakdown of each stick shape.

Each stick will have its own Power, Control and Speed (PCS) rating. See below what each facet of this rating system means.