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Zoggs Goggles

Zoggs Swim Goggles & Swimwear

Last Modified: 09/11/15

predator-zoggs-goggles.pngThe Zoggs story began back in the 1990's with the introduction of the Phantom in 1994. It was the world's first patented one-piece swimming goggle. Along the way they have branched into swimwear and swimming accessories. In 1998 Zoggs extended their range to include water confidence devices and introduced Bobbin and Float Suit. 


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  The Zoggs brand dates back to 1994 with the breakthrough one-piece swim goggle - called the Phantom. This patented technology was soon followed by the eventual number one selling junior swim goggle - the Little Ripper - in both Australia and Great Britian.

It was a few years later that the brand moved out into the swimwear line of Toggs. Their styles were named after famous Australian beaches and were a real hit with the swimwear market.

Then the following year in 1998 after the purchase of a competitor Polyotter, they introduced the Bobin and Float Suit to their expanding range of swimwear products. This was bold new step into water confidence category products for young swimmers. Soon Zoggs created teh CV or clearer vision technology to their goggle range and this was a way of improving visibility in both indoors and outdoors, by cutting glare and improving brightness under darker swimming conditions of indoor aquatic centre style swimming environments.


It was in 2001 with the launch of the Super Seal series of products that Zoggs returned to their grass roots fanbase. This product was one hundred per cent silicone based and provided an ultra-flexible fit and comfort level not previously experienced by swimmers. Then in 2003 Zoggs introduced the junior swimmers range for toddlers and up to six years of age. This was the Junior Kids product range. With a range of bright and fun colours, these goggles were hit with kids everywhere, which were more suited to smaller faces.

Then in 2005 the Predator Goggle was born. This was a Wiro-frame bio-integral design technology that totally redesigned the approach to facial fit and comfort. Not to be out done, they introduced the Push-Pad and Ratchet quick fit straps to the Predator range and completed the comfort and fit requirements of the modern swimmer. By incorporating curved lense technologies, Zoggs was really setting themselves apart in the arena of water sports as the true leader in the field.

By the time 2008 came around, their hypo allergic Soft-Seal gaskets were all the rage. Not only did they mould to the contours of the swimmers face but they also improved their fit with use and over time felt even more comfortable. In the swimwear range, in 2009 the launch of the Booty Suit, offered a product that came with extra support for a swimmers buttocks.

Now in 2015, with the launch of the Predator flex Titanium "Reactor" goggles, they finally had a swim goggle to match the Predator and Predator Flex range, that simply made it complete. By adding in a photochromatic lens, the Tittanium Reactor goggle, had an amazing range of clarity in varying conditions of light with a glare reducing polarization lens.

Along the way, Zoggs have achieved some pretty impressive milestones, one being the Little Ripper, the leading junior swimmers goggle in Australia and Great Britain. 

Over the years, such great products as the Super Seal 100% silicone flexible frame, were real game changers in the swim goggle space. In 2015 the introduced the Predator Flex Titanium Reactor Goggles, with photochromatic lenses that react to varying light and glare conditions with special polarizing filters.